Tensions in the landscape - an exhibition review and essay

In Debt: Saving Seeds was exhibited at the CCP. The exhibition was commissioned by Horsham Regional Art Gallery and CCP as part of ART + CLIMATE = CHANGE2015.

Last week I visited In Debt: Saving Seeds, an exhibition featuring work by Dave Jones and Steven Rhall responding to the Horsham based Australian Grains Genebank. Viewing this exhibition brought me sharply back to my own time living in the Wimmera and I found myself reflecting upon the impact the landscape and agricultural environment has on the artistic community of the region. Of course Australian Art History is redolent in imagery of the Wimmera but what is perhaps less well known is the vibrant community of contemporary artists of the region.

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Deakin University Gallery: Domestic Bliss - review

Domestic Bliss, Deakin University Gallery, Burwood   5 June to 19 July 2014

I’m here to tell you that I braved the great outdoors to drive to Burwood last week in what can only be described as violent, umbrella thwarting winds. The purpose of this mad capped journey was to visit the exhibition Domestic Bliss which inhabits the space at Deakin University Art Gallery in a drawing together of institution and personal.

Despite its high ceilings and modern facade, the gallery space invites intimacy by virtue of its modest size and single open room. While there are none of the nooks or crannies of a domestic space to allow for private contemplation, the open plan propensity for a sense of surveillance has been muted by the artful use of a large table to create something of a meeting point within the exhibition.

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Cristy Gilbert & Anna Simic: Sunny Side Up -  review

Cristy Gilbert and Anna Simic, Sunny Side Up, Performance Installation 2013
Making Tracks Exhibition, Alumni ANU Sculpture Department

Motherhood is a transformative experience. Beyond obvious physical transformations, women embarking upon motherhood undergo psychological, practical and existential transformation. The experience simultaneously encompasses brave adventure and mundane existence. Identity shifts. Often the role of Mother, at least for a time, eclipsing previous formative markers...

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Michael Shiell: Sites of exChange - catalogue essay

“As opposed to landscape based art of earlier times [environmental] art was not a depiction or representation of land, it was an interaction with space” – Michael Shiell

For environmental artist Michael Shiell art has increasingly become a celebration of process in which site and material are inseparable. Persuaded that the experience of art can be both fleeting and private, a surrender of notions of audience and permanence has been the basis for a flourishing art practice. When understood as a profound exchange between the artist and their environment Shiell’s installations invite our participation within that interaction...

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